The Art of Women's Business is so freaking awesome you won't be able to resist joining us.



We love to put our heads together and figure stuff out, make sure it works and support getting it done.

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We love getting together and creating something great that makes a difference to you and to the world.

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We love to build relationships over work, over lunch, over coffee or over champagne and for the long term.

Join us at The GIN Club

Do you want to hear what work music is playing at The GIN Club?

Sitting back in the lounge chair, rug over my knees, eyes closed....

Bring joy to my ears!

(You can find past ear joy in the Happy Jar)

Love getting together in cafes, meeting rooms, corner offices, online…heck, we'll even do strategy retreats and speaking events!

We love working with women who need an extra boost to get themselves and their business into action and doing great things.

We think relationships, collaboration and standing in your power is important, so that's how we work.

We meet and discuss, nut it out together..boom..a solution is born.

We work one to one, with groups, in teams through coaching, workshops and retreats (and specialise in chocolate circles).

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We speak on:

Value yourself, valuable business

Fearbusting your way to Confidence 

The Get Stuff Done mindset

Leadership and how it helps your business


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Spend a full day working on your business in the company of others, support and assistance on hand, not to mention amazing healthy food and hot bevies, in an awesome space which oozes creativity.

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If you want some one on one attention contact us about our

Fancy Pants VIP program

- for the extra frills and attention

or if you need to get your shiz together fast!


Coffee or chai - we do both.

Sitting down, discussing business, life and what lights me, you, us up over a hot bevy is the start of idea generation and problem solving.

But you know what!? We have principles! Yes, we do!

We think that there are some pretty important principles that underpin everything we do. We call it 'Beyond Duality' not "To infinity and beyond"..but now that I think about it... no, not that it's way too big..just 'Beyond Duality'. It's not either or, this or that, it's the cycle, it's the continuum, it's the why do I have to choose, sometimes it's all of it. To see our principles look here.


You wouldn't believe what we get up to.

We run more than one business. We are enthusiastic about business and supporting others who dream the dream. 

Here is some of the other stuff we do.

True Compass - Marguerite's alter ego company. Some serious consulting stuff happens here and if you want to get serious about stepping up your workspace so its a place of joy and focus get on over and have a conversation with M.

Veronica Strachan - Veronica's real ego company. Writer, coach extraordinaire and super consultant, sometimes with said alter ego above. Here is her new book all published and awesome looking! Breathing while drowning - One woman's quest for wholeness. Read about it here.